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I was born in Kokomo, Indiana, March 3, 1979 at Howard Community Hospital. I am the only child, thank God. I sometimes wish I had a brother or sister, but glad I don't. I have lived in Kokomo from birth to1985. I spent my first three years in town. And five years spent in a subdivision on the west side on Kokomo. We moved to Russiaville for the rest of Intermediate, Middle and High school then going through some college. I never left the state as far as living anywhere else.

I have accomplished a lot in my life.  Like computers for example. I am not afraid to touch a computer of any kind.  I have had computers in my life and all around me.  Computers have spiked my curiosity in what and why they do what they do.

I am married to Denise. We have a daughter named Miya Roma that was born on May 6, 2011.  Miya means in Japanese "sacred temple" and "Roma" is Italian for Rome, which I have personally visited in 2002.

Indiana University from Kokomo, I have accomplished my Masters of Public Management and received my Certificate of Public Management.  I also have a Bachelor Degree in Information Systems while minoring in Criminal Law from Indiana University, an Associate Degree in CIS-AS (Computer Information Systems-Associate of Science) from Ivy Tech State College Kokomo, and an additional Associate Degree in CPT (Computer Information Systems and Technology) from the Purdue extension in Kokomo. 

I already work at my desired job here at Purdue ECN.  If I were to advance, I would like to work towards being an IT Manager/Director.  I currently assist our department, which consists of 47 staff plus student helpers with all of our students, faculty and staff, to facilitate the help services they need to get their job done using Information Technology such as computers and networking.  Our department is somewhat centralized in one part of campus with other locations in other parts of campus.  We work on 5000+ computers and a great number of special servers and research servers including clustered servers.  I also, outside of my main job, run my own business repairing computers.  I currently have my A+, Network+, and Microsoft Certified System Administration certifications.


Places I have visited